What I do


Marketing is most effective when it is managed across channels. I can manage all of the channels for you to achieve results.

While I often coordinate with other marketing teammates in certain specialties (PR, advertising, social media, etc.), these are the pieces I specialize in:

Content Marketing

I advise on and create engaging website content to attract visitors and hook them once they’re on your site. By crafting valuable, unique content and offering irresistible offers to share their contact info, we’ll usher them into a sales funnel  and be able to keep in touch with them via email newsletters and campaigns.

I also manage online stores, blogs, and products in Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Volusion, and other platforms.

Email Marketing

I’m passionate about email marketing. I believe is one of the simplest ways to keep in touch with your customers, increase sales, and foster brand awareness. In addition, you can engage customers in highly customized ways based on their behavior and interests. And the great part is, much of it can be automated!

I am a Mailchimp Expert and have experience with many other email marketing platforms including Constant Contact, Vertical Response, AgileCRM, and SimplyCast.

Here are a few examples of email campaigns I’ve written, designed, and published:




Bringing It All Together

Really it all ties together. By integrating marketing strategy across channels, prospective customers will be primed to make a purchase. I can manage all the pieces of your online marketing to have a maximum impact.

And I understand the importance of focusing on things that really make a difference in cultivating leads and increasing sales.


My approach


My approach is a continual process of planning, execution, getting results, and improving.


Before you launch into the unknown, you need to know where you’re going. Through market research, strategy planning, and marketing calendars, I can help set a roadmap for what we aim to accomplish.


When it comes down to it, you need someone who can manage your marketing projects, not just give you a bunch of great ideas. I love nothing more than to dive in and get things done, and get it done right. I can manage all the details, connect stakeholders, and reach out to partners or vendors to deliver.


Here are a few of the results I’ve been able to help accomplish for companies:

  • Triple online sales in a little over a year
  • Implement email campaigns to boost monthly sales by 40%
  • Grow a mailing list to over 40,000 subscribers
  • Implement a win-back campaign to bring in over $120,000 in sales


I believe that marketing is a fluid process and you need to stay flexible and nimble in order to capitalize on opportunities. At the end of every campaign, I analyze the results to see what worked and what didn’t work. I use this as a launching point to plan the next campaign.

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